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Cinquecento Tuning

History of my CC

Here's a short history of my Cinquecento.

I bought my car after high school (may 2007). It was CC700. Body was in a good condition, while mechanically it required minor fixes ( regeneration of gearshift, exchange constant velocity joints and other...) These repairs were done immediately after buying the car. This is my first car and after purchase looked that way:

One of the first improvements was installation of central locking. Next I mounted electrical windows, electric light level adjustment and counter from model Sporting.

Then the stabilizer was mounted, it's looked that way:

The next step was the replacement of the engine. Motor is shifted from Punto Sporting:

Gearshift was installed from Seicento Sporting

Next step was taking care about external appearance of my car (may 2011). I installed aluminium rims. They were regenerated before - had refreshed edges and put new lacquer (black metalic)

In october 2011, I calculated (for 6 500 rotations) and did new intake system.

In january 2012r was installed throttle from FIAT's engine 1.6 16v.